Vinyl Van

My thoughts on Record Store Day

RSD been great in revitalising and supporting the industry. Sadly though we are still just too independent for Independent Record Store Day! You need to have accounts with all the major labels to participate as the majority of the releases come through them.

Hi Fi Set Up in The Shop

We are using 2 Project Debut Carbon Evo turntables with Ortofon Mm blue and red cartridges, an Allen and Heath xone:23 mixer into a QSC MX 1500a amplifier, and JBL M series speakers, also DB technologies subwoofer.

How did we get here?

We started by selling records out of our VW Campervan at festivals, hence Vinyl Van. We began trading in February 2019, after deciding we couldn’t afford to open a shop. Having a van and a love of festivals we decided to see if we could try and combine these with the idea of trading in […]